SOTERIA LTD. a 2000 msq of training grounds. with latest technology equipment and training services unlike no other on the island.

These facilities entail:

•    A number of offices to be used by affiliated experts which they can use to offer their services from.
•    8 classrooms of different sizes and equipped with the latest training facilities.
•    A practical training area including a large indoor facility equipped with the necessary equipment for practical training of fire training, working at heights exercises, scaffold build training and also lifting equipment training.
•    A retail outlet where different suppliers can promote their materials and equipment.

The core of SOTERIA LTD. is health and safety training in all levels of safety, thus we are continually affiliating with accreditation bodies to ensure high level training to our clients that would be recognised internationally.

Core objective of Soteria Ltd.

To conduct training and professional development (through class-based, e- learning and hybrid programmes) in the field, personnel and individuals who are exposed to risk activities applying innovative methods and environmental friendly training and development practices. Programmes offered will include a) master classes applying simulators and b) education programmes through affiliations with international academic institutions.