Defensive Driving (Emergency Vehicles)

Course Objective

Driving is risky business. As a defensive driver, you can avoid crashes and help lower risk behind the wheel. in an emergency situation defensive driving is even more risky as many times normal traffic regulations are omitted for rendering an emergency service. Hence Soteria Ltd. in has designed a program that goes into the key aspects of defensive driving in respect to the country environmental needs and limitations.


  • ¬†Introduction to Defensive Driving
  • Recognize driving hazards and dangerous conditions
    • Emergency Vehicles
  • Human factors
  • Avoid potential accidents
    • Inside distractions
    • Outside distractions
    • Stopping Distances
    • Overtaking
    • Parking
    • Working in congested traffic environments
    • Intersections
    • Traffic Lights
    • High traffic roads
    • Bicyclists
    • Pedestrians
  • Vehicle safety check
    • Preparing your vehicle
    • Seat-belt
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Conclusion
  • Practical (On an emergency vehicle)

Intended To

This course is intend for people who drive emergency vehicles. Vehicles that fall under this category are Ambulance, Fire Engines, Police Cars and any other vehicles that has a blue lamp.



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